fda investigating zantac

FDA investigating NDMA? Recent Issues and happenings!

fda investigating zantac

Zantac’s potential to cause the formation of compounds in its users is being investigated by the U.S. the Food and Drug Administration, to escalate the risks posed by ranitidine, fully. With growing cancer worries from the high NDMA level inn Zantac/ranitidine, the medicine has been called off from across the States, and in fact, from across the world. Many studies have identified the NDMA levels being multiple times higher than what is recommended as a daily maximum intake level by the FDA. 

The prime issue for the FDA and drug manufacturers like GSK and Sanofi who produce Zantac is that whether the drug is leading to the growth of NDMA levels in the users’ body or not. The ranitidine molecule’s stability has always been controversial, and various studies have been conducted, including that at the Stanford University, wherein an association has been shown between the high levels of NDMA and the ingestion of ranitidine. 

The FDA has not been very prompt in studying and responding to the issue. Still, the major outcry from public, distributors, and pharmacies has led them to conduct further investigations and understand the consequences of ranitidine exposure to digestive system’s acids. 

Unlike some blood pressure medicines like Valsartan, which have been recalled given the NDMA contamination during their production, with Zantac, the medication itself is problematic. Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and other retail and pharmacy chains have halted sales of any form of ranitidine at their stores. Pepcid, Prevacid, Tagamet, and other acid reflux and heartburn medications are recommended to Zantac and ranitidine users as a substitute, as these do not have any ranitidine. 

If you or any beloved of yours have consumed Zantac/ranitidine medications and are diagnosed with cancer after that, you have a potential right to hold the manufacturers and distributors if the drug accountable by filing a product liability lawsuit against them and recover the damages for your injuries, legally. 

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